"Fragmented realities" I 2013 I Solo Exhibition at the Museum of Visual Arts Alejandro Otero, Caracas, (VE)

This exibicion provides a stage for the debate on the status of the notion of psychological process from the different approaches of modularity, to some extent assumed in contemporary psychology, which demonstrates a commitment to a particular cognitive status; ie mental processes involved in understanding. ""Understanding Fragmented" Luis Melf Esparragoza lives and works since 2001 in Vienna, Austria. We met for the first time during the preparations for the exhibition "Grasshopper Caracas 3 "(con) temporary vienna Organized Crime by the gallery" Ardizon Gallery ", in the year 2010. Soon we agreed that Luis MELF also participate in the exhibition with eight artists living in Venezuela. Its colorful reasons, often provided with textures or patterns, often in contrast with reasons Melancholic figurative colors, have a second glance levels deeper meaning with a wide radius of interpretation. This also evident when recent objects and installations are observed. Luis MELF seeks interaction with the viewer. It becomes offensive. A cardboard box simple rectangular with protruding tubes, reminiscent of an urban residence, is It becomes a resonant body, which at a distance from visitor beeps and sounds loud and uncomfortable. The man and his relationship and interaction with the Nature is also the theme at other facilities. Without notice and without raising the index finger accusingly Luis Melf produces works that lead us to meditate. A) Yes Also, the installation "Doubts", in which a life-size doll with skates See a video that looks like an iceberg melts slowly. Us become observers of the observer. The doll is with his lens in a video with two human eyes, life is projected in a breath. Arises in me a feeling of helplessness and helplessness to global warming. The issue of alternative energy it also includes in its presentation. An installation with a postcard with animation effect makes the viewer feel their own energy when approaches. The card gets suddenly in motion, and the wind turbine in the card also starts to move. Luis Melf Esparragoza develops through work with three-dimensional objects targeted facilities and offensively, expressive and significant, so that an intense speech occurs with viewer.

Bernd Smodics, curator.